Some sample lesson plans to get you started.

Lesson on Cyber-crime
How safe is the Cyberworld? What is Cyber-crime? What do I need to know to stay safe when I'm online and not fall prey to cyber-crime? How do I ensure that I am on the right side of
the law when I am online?

Lesson on Internet Security
What are the risks that exist online? What are viruses, Trojans, worms, spamming and hacking? How do these affect my privacy and the safety and contents of my computer?

Lesson on Blogging and use of Social Networking sites
How would I be held responsible for what I write on my blog or social networking sites? Why should I be held responsible for what I write in my online social space?

Lesson on Intellectual Property and the Internet
What is Intellectual Property? Why is it important or necessary to protect original works or ideas over the Internet? What are software licenses? Under what circumstances are these licenses violated? What are the legal consequences of using software unlawfully? When I use illegal software, what harm does it do? What are the implications when I share music, video and software over the Internet?