Help students make smart choices today and in years to come.

As educators you would already know that computer technology enhances the way students learn and lays a foundation for future success in school and the workplace.

As they become more skilled with computers, however, students also need more guidance in using this technology responsibly. They need to understand the risks they can face online and learn to respect the rules for sharing computer resources, so they can make smart choices today and in years to come.

That’s why BSA | The Software Alliance, the foremost organization dedicated to promoting a safe and legal digital world, has teamed with partners to develop educational material designed to raise student awareness of copyright and reinforce responsible behavior online.

We are pleased to present a Cyberwellness Framework for educators, created by Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) in Singapore specially for the B4USurf website. As the first school in the world to have a Digital Citizenship IT programme as part of its school curriculum, ACS (Barker Road) has real-world experience in teaching Cyberwellness in the classroom, and we are glad that they are sharing their expertise with other schools across Asia.

The Cyberwellness Framework comes in three parts: An introduction to the programme, the framework itself along with suggested topics for lesson plans, and suggestions on implementation.

We encourage you to look at ways in which you can use or adapt these materials in the classroom. We also encourage you to tell other teachers about the B4USurf website and to share content from this site with other teachers. Although these teaching materials are copyrighted, you have permission to make as many copies as needed for educational purposes.