Understand the dangers that exist online and guide your children.

Through the Internet, youths today are able to communicate, work, socialize, and entertain themselves in ways not possible just 10 years ago.

But while the Internet is a rich resource and wonderful means of communication, it has also been abused by those who propagate unwholesome or illegal content, or lure youths to unknowingly engage in unlawful behaviour.

To help parents understand the dangers that exist online and guide their children to use computer technology responsibly, the BSA | The Software Alliance, the foremost organization dedicated to promoting a safe and legal digital world, has teamed up with partners to bring you the B4USurf educational initiative.

This section provides you with information on recognizing and avoiding software piracy, along with Internet safety and security tips. Do discuss these tips with your child, and print these tips and place them near your home computer as a reminder to everyone to respect other people’s work and to make smart choices while online.

Additionally, in school, your child would be learning the rules against “piracy” – or making copies of copyrighted work without permission, and avoiding other forms of irresponsible online behaviour. Like shoplifting, piracy is a form of stealing and can have serious legal consequences. We hope that you will also build on these important lessons at home.