Check that any content on your personal space is really yours.

Think about all the ways you connect online -- email, IMs, blogs, user-content sites like YouTube, your profile pages on sites like MySpace and FaceBook.

When you put them all together, these networks give you lots of personal space on the Internet, where you can stay and do pretty much anthing you want. But no matter how personal it might be, there's no place online where you can operate outside of the law.

You've probably heard that sites like You Tube and MySpace are cracking down on members who upload copyrighted content to their sites without permission. Why? Because it is illegal.

The law prohibits any copying of a copyrighted work without the copyright holder's permission. It doesn't matter that you're just doing it for fun, or that you're doing it inside your circle of online friends. Any unauthorized copy is copyright piracy. That means you could be breaking the law if you:

And the same goes for copyrighted works that your network of friends might send and post to you. No matter how it got there, you are risking trouble if you've got illegal copies in your personal space.

So take another look at your personal space. It's all yours, just make sure the content you keep there is really yours, too.