I look for the copyright symbol (©) whenever I add a new program or game or download copyrighted work to my computer.

I know that the copyright owner gets to decide how many times a software program can be copied. That means I can’t copy the software that is running on my home computer unless the license for that program says I can.

I will not make unauthorized copies of my games, computer programs, or music CDs and movie DVDs for my friends. That is against the law.

While I may bring my software CDs to my friends’ house, I will not let them make copies on their computers unless the license says I can. Copying software is like stealing.

I will not download copyrighted works from Internet "file-sharing" networks. It is not okay to share something without the owner’s permission.

I will not use software programs that appear to have been copied. Just because someone is selling a software program or a friend gives it to me doesn’t mean it is legal.

I keep my passwords and personal information, like my address and phone number, to myself. I do not share personal information with anyone (except my parents and they already know it!)