Guide your children on the rules for sharing computer resources.

Computer technology enhances the way your children learn and also lays a foundation for future success both in school and in the workplace. But, they need more guidance in using this technology responsibly. They need to understand the risks they can face online and learn to respect the rules for sharing computer resources. Then they will be in a position to make smart and responsible choices today and in the future.

BSA | The Software Alliance, the foremost organization dedicated to promoting a safe and legal digital world, has produced B4USurf, a free educational web resource designed to raise student awareness of copyright and reinforce responsible online behavior.

Chances are high that your children are spending lots of time on the Internet - chatting with friends, checking sports scores, playing games, updating their personal profile, looking at video clips and doing their homework. As a parent, you would want them to know their way around the Internet and be able to keep away from Internet troubles.

Computers make it easy to make copies of computer software, pictures, words, movies and songs. But copyright laws make it illegal to copy the creative work without the owner’s permission. Making copies of a work protected by copyright is just like stealing.

The B4USurf educational web resource, available for free download, has a goal of raising awareness of copyright laws and to reinforce responsible behavior online.