Helping your child to surf safely and responsibly.

Your child may be participating in B4USurf, an educational program designed to educate students to respect copyrights, especially when using computer software. Made possible by the BSA | The Software Alliance, the foremost organization dedicated to promoting a safe and legal digital world, this program also helps children understand the dangers they may face online and encourages them to use computer technology responsibly.

In school, your child could be learning the rules against “piracy”—or making copies of copyrighted work without permission. Like shoplifting, piracy is a form of stealing and can have serious legal consequences. We hope that you will build on these important lessons at home. The material here includes background information for you about recognizing and avoiding software piracy. There is also a downloadable mini-poster that lists Internet safety tips. Discuss these tips with your child and then hang or place the mini-poster near your home computer as a reminder to everyone to respect other people’s work and to make smart choices while online.


B4USurf – Some Questions to Ask

Can I make copies of the software I purchase?
While you may use the computer software you purchase, the content actually belongs to the copyright holder and cannot be copied without permission. In most cases, software comes with permission to make a back-up copy, but there are usually restrictions on making copies for other purposes and even on putting a copy of the software on another computer. You can find these terms of use in the licensing agreement that appears on-screen when you first install the software program and which you must “Accept” before the software can be installed.

Can I make copies of software that I borrow?
It is illegal to make copies of other people’s software without the copyright holder’s permission. This includes putting a copy of the software on your computer. The only legal way to use someone else’s software is to use it on their computer.

Can I use file-sharing software to exchange software with others over the Internet?
People who use file-sharing sites to upload and download copyrighted software without permission may be exposed to potential legal liability. File-sharing software:

What are the consequences of piracy?
Criminal penalties for violating copyright can result in criminal penalties. These penalties could apply even when the violation does not involve material gain. Copyright violators can also be sued for damages in civil court. In addition, parents of underage violators may be exposed to legal liabilities, even if they were unaware of their child’s actions.

Use These Tips to Avoid Risks: