Possible challenges to adopting the Cyberwellness Framework.
Possible Failure modes


Cause of Failure


Effects of failure


Possible actions


Teachers are unable to teach effectively


Teachers do not have sufficient knowledge on Internet issues


Lack of competency results in inconsistency in the delivery of lessons. Students may not be convinced by the message


Engaging qualified staff and ensuring consistent delivery through e-learning


Students do not appreciate the content knowledge


Students do not have ready access to computers or Internet access


Low participation in the program


Analyse demographics of target audience prior to implementation


Lack of traffic to the website


Availability of vast amount of resources in the Internet


The programme is marginalized


Highlight the uniqueness of the program in 3 key areas

  • Contextualization to Asian culture
  • Customized Instructional approaches
  • Supported by educational psychology theories
Program cannot be sustained


Lack of resources, planning or support from the educators to enable sustainability of program


Program eventually terminates


Convince stakeholders of the need for long term support


Lack of feedback channels from students


Program does not adapt to students' needs


Use forums and wiki as feedback channels


Lack of whole school approach to the program


Loss of effectiveness to deliver consistent cyberwellness message


School leaders have to coordinate inter-departmental collaboration


Lack of Interest from students


Perceived notion of students that they are better informed than the educators


Program terminates


Provide challenging content


Students perceive that program is not relevant or meaningful


Low participation rate


Create authentic learning content


Program is not engaging or interesting to students


Low participation


Use games, interactive media, real-life case study and activities to make

lessons exciting

Difference in values of the students


Students do not practice what they learn


Importance of program not only to impart the Do’s and Don’t but the values behind responsible use of technology