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Cyber Safety Glossary

Browser Highjacking

Also Known As:

Homepage Hijacking.

Browser Highjacking software is Malware that seizes control of your Internet browser — establishing a new home page, directing you to sites it wants you to visit, prohibiting you from visiting sites it doesn’t want you to see, and inundating you with an overwhelming number of popup ads. Browser Highjacking software may redirect you to a porn site or a site that generates ad revenue based on its number of visitors. If you try to reinstall your homepage, this Malware can change it back.

Your computer can become infected by Browser Highjacking software simply by visiting a Web site. Or, you may inadvertently infect your computer by downloading free software.

What Can I Do:
Have anti-Spyware and anti-Virus software protecting your computer. Enable automatic software updates from the company supplying your browser. Only download free software from a reputable freeware or shareware site. If your computer does become infected, the best course of action is to get help from a qualified service technician.