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Youth's Guide to Online Safety

Surfing the Internet can be so much fun, but always remember to go about it responsibly.

The Internet is an amazing source of facts and figures on just about anything you could think of – be it for work, study or recreation. This wellspring of information has gained importance over the years, especially now that it has become accessible to more and more people.

While the Internet can be a fun place to communicate, do research or just play games, it is also important that we become cautious of staying safe online. Here are some tips for you to make surfing on the web fun, enjoyable, and safe:

  • Visit only websites recommended by responsible adults like your parents or teachers.
  • Downloading a file from the Internet with the proper license or permission is perfectly fine. What you have to avoid is downloading copyrighted materials, such as software, without permission from the owner as this is equivalent to stealing.
  • Sharing files with friends can be exciting, but make sure you keep it legal. Programs such as software are copyrighted materials and should not be freely shared and/or distributed without permission from the author.
  • If you want to purchase an item on the web, check with a responsible adult if the item is safe to purchase. Do not easily believe any low price offers on the web, especially for software. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Chatting is another cool way to hook up with friends, but be wary of strangers. Do not respond to messages of people you do not know.
  • Just like going outside the house, let your parents know which sites you have been to or the people you have been communicating with online. It is important that your parents are informed of your activities on the Internet.

Surfing the Internet can be so much fun but always remember to go about it responsibly. So before you surf, always remember that it is better to be safe and smart than go against the law.