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Internet Security

Lesson on Internet security:
What are the risks that exist online? What are viruses, Trojans, worms, spamming and hacking? How do these affect my privacy and the safety and contents of my computer?


  • Understand that just as bad hygiene in the real world can result in illness, poor online “hygiene” can result in your computer being infected
  • Understand the risks that exist online from threats such as viruses, Trojans, worms, spamming and hacking
  • Understand that lack of Internet security can result in computer crashes, lost data, loss of personal information, or worse
  • Create a poster for home and classroom use on safe Internet surfing tips

Questions for discussion:

  • What are the dangers that exist online? Do you know the difference between these dangers? E.g., what is spam; what are worms, Trojans, viruses. How are these spread, and how do they affect your computer?
  • What happens to your computer when it is affected? E.g.:
    • Computer performance is affected and becomes degraded
    • Passwords can be stolen
    • Personal and sensitive information such as financial data can be stolen
    • Your computer can crash and all your data, photos, email, files, can be lost
  • What steps can you take to help ensure that your computer is protected from these risks? E.g.:
    • Use of anti-virus software; keep your software updated
    • Don’t open emails or attachments from unknown or suspicious sources – when in doubt delete the entire message, including attachments
    • Use firewall software
    • Use hard-to-guess passwords; don’t share your passwords and don’t use them in more than one place
    • Regularly back-up your data
    • Don’t share your computer with strangers
    • Disconnect your computer from the Internet when not in use
    • Tell everyone who uses the computer to follow these tips – you can also create a poster with these tips and join it next to your computer

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