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Cyber Safety Glossary


Also Known As:
Smishing, Phone Phishing.

Phishing, the notorious Internet-based email scam, is designed to trick you into divulging identity information. SMishing is Phishing over cell phones and other mobile devices. SMishing scams are delivered via text messages. Some of these SMishing messages say that you will be charged for some monthly service — which in effect is trying to scare you into contacting the sender of the fake message and giving out identity information. Other messages offer “great deals” on products or services. Some of these text messages attempt to download Malware onto your phone in order to steal information, corrupt the network, or both.

Treat all unsolicited text messages on a mobile device as suspect. The best practice is to delete these messages and not respond. The term SMishing is a combination of SMS, which is the name of the protocol used to transmit text messages via mobile devices, and Phishing.