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Cyber Safety Glossary


Also Known As:
SPam over Internet Telephony, SpIT.

As increasing numbers of people use Voice Over IP (VoIP) to make telephone calls, experts predict criminals will pay more attention to this technology. This expectation is based on the history of computing and the Internet. For example, the number and severity of problems caused by viruses, spam, spyware, and denial-of-service attacks closely followed the growth of the online population. There is no reason to believe that VoIP will be any different.

The biggest current threat for VoIP systems is denial-of-service attacks. SpIT — spam that will clog voice mail boxes — and hackers gaining the ability to eavesdrop on calls are lesser concerns for the next several years.

The term SpIT is beginning to be talked and written about by computer insiders. This means the news media will soon use the term in reports about VoIP. For that reason it is important to know that SpIT means voicemail spam. It is equally important to put it in context as a low-level threat.

What do you call a VoIP spammer? The answer is spitter.