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Cyber Safety Glossary


Spy-Phishing is a relatively new Internet threat. In a successful Spy-Phishing attack, a Trojan and/or Spyware is downloaded onto your computer from a Phishing message. This can occur if you click on a link or open a document attached to the message. This Malware program is designed to “spy” on the user, discover identity and financial information, and send that information to the group that developed the Spy-Phishing message. Spy-Phishing poses a risk not only to individuals, but also to organizations because the Trojans are well suited to industrial espionage.

What Can I Do:
Be skeptical of any email message, regardless of the source, that has something to do with:

  • A problem that needs you to resolve it
  • Clicking on a link within the email
  • Logging onto a Web site to fix the problem
  • Any type of unsolicited email attachment

Do not click on the link or open an attachment. Make sure your anti-Virus software scans incoming emails. Have up-to-date anti-Spyware software and a firewall protecting your computer. When it comes to email, even from a trusted source, be cautious about opening an attachment, especially if it has an .exe file extension name.